A Sunday Morning Surprise

Vol. 5 No. 14 April 1, 2002

For three years he had been planting seed. He had scattered seed in all types of soil. He had taught with compassion. He had taught with courage and boldness. He had taught with respect. He had taught with gentleness. He had taught with love. He had taught as a servant. Now He was about to prove that His teaching was true.

They were listening but were not hearing. They saw what He did, but somehow mangaged to miss the point behind the action. The message was delivered, but not completely received. They heard what they wanted to hear, and what they thought they were supposed to hear, but what they did not hear was what they should have heard. He was about to show them that what He had been teaching them was true.

For three years He had been telling them, "A time is coming when I will no longer be with you." "In order to be with you, I must leave you." "Even though I am leaving you, I will still be with you." "I must leave you so I can prepare a place for you to come and be with me." "I must die, so that I can be raised up again." "I must die so that you can really live." Even for the most alert student these words would be difficult to understand. For these followers they were even more difficult because of their visions of power, empires, and places of honor. He had images of humility, service, and gentleness.

For three years He planted seed. For three years surely He must have wondered if the seed was taking root. For three years they listened without really hearing what He was saying. They were about to discover that He meant what He said.

From a distance they watched as the truth in his words became reality in their hearts. They remembered, "A seed must be placed in the ground and die, before it can live." They watched, from a distance, as He was placed in the ground and wondered where they had gone wrong. He was about to show them that He knew what He was doing.

Three days passed as they wondered about Him. Three days passed as they remembered His words. Three days passed as they waited.

Then, on the third day a message was heard, "He is risen!" "He is alive!" One by one they were realized that the seed that had been planted had been brought back to life. One by one they received answers to their questions. One by one they had their hope revived.

For three years they were students. For three years they listened. For three days they waited. For three days the wondered. Now, the waiting was over. Now, the questions were answered. Now, the news was confirmed. "He is alive!" "He is risen!"

The same questions that were answered on that Resurrection morning can be answered today. The same life that was restored on that Resurrection morning can be restored this morning. The same hope that was offered on that Resurrection morning is offered today. The same Son that rose on that Resurrection morning is still alive today. "He is alive!" "He has risen!"

Will you follow Him?

What a surprise!

Copyright 2002