Disappointment Turns To Joy

Vol. 5 No. 2 January 7, 2002

Like most children in our area I was disappointed when I awoke to realize that the predictions of two to four inches of snow was not going to happen. Every weather forecaster in our area agreed, "We will get snow!" Apprenshive, but hopeful, I went to bed expecting to see the ground covered by the white stuff the next morning. Instead, we had rain. A little snow. But, a far cry from two to four inches. No accumulation. No cancellations. No snow men. Not even a snow ball fight.

Being disappointed because it did not snow is one thing. I have learned (or hope I am learning) to deal with it. By the end of the day I am usually fine. However, other disappointments are not so easy to handle.

Your team has been winning all season. They have a real chance to win the championship. They only need to win one more game. As the clock ticks down toward the end of the game your team has the lead. Then, at the last second the other team scores. It's over.

You've been sick of your job for years. You think you are finally getting your chance. You've prayed for the opportunity. You're confident. Then, you get the call, "You didn't get the job."

You've dealt with the disease. You've followed the doctor's orders. You've rested. You've taken your medicine. You've prayed. But, then you hear the doctor say, "It's back."

You've prayed all your life for a Godly mate. You think you have found her. The relationship is progressing nicely. Then, out of the blue, she tells you, "It's over."

Your hopes are gone. Your dreams have faded. What might have been, will not be. What do you do? How do you deal with the disappiontment?

When those following Jesus faced their great disappointment and saw their dreams dying on the cross, they were confused. They waited. They hoped. They prayed. They listened. They opened their eyes. They opened their hearts. They saw Jesus. They believed. Their disappointment turned to joy.

I cannot promise that if you follow these steps you'll wake up tomorrow and find your neighborhood covered in snow. But, if you deal with your disappointments the way these disciples did, I do promise that your disappointment will eventually turn to joy. Don't let disappointment defeat you.

Keep hope in your heart,

Copyright 2002