What Am I Waiting For?
By: Tom Norvell

Vol. 17 No. 07 | February 16, 2015

Let’s review. A few weeks ago I wrote about not being in such a hurry in “What’s the Hurry?”. The next week I switched gears and wrote about “What Are You Waiting For?” And last week I wrote, “What Are You Waiting For Church?” In each of those article I wanted to challenge us to think about our motives, our actions, or in some cases, our lack of action in answering Jesus’ call to be the salt and light. This week I want to bring the idea even closer to home by asking us to look even deeper into our souls by asking “What am I waiting for?”

I know a young couple who have been married a couple of years, live far from any immediate family, and are both working hard and under a heavy load of stress. They have a good group of friends and are involved in a solid spiritual community. During the last few weeks I have noticed a change. Nothing major, but enough to signal that something is not right. I have a choice. I can ignore it and assume they are simply going through the adjustments of marriage. Or, I can invite them to our home for a meal, tell them how much we love them, and offer them listening ears, caring hearts, whatever help we can from our years of experience. What am I waiting for?

I have known this couple for years. We have enjoyed dinners together. We have attended sporting events. We have watched movies together. We have talked about our marriages, our family histories, our children, our concerns for the world and the future, and had seriously challenging spiritual conversations. Busy schedules, distance, and lack of communication has taken a toll on our once extremely close relationship. I can write it up as just the way of relationships or I can contact them to set a time to get together and once again enjoy the closeness of a truly lifelong friend. What am I waiting for?

Every week I attend multiple church gatherings, read multiple passages of scripture, listen to multiple recordings of spiritual songs, sermons, devotional thoughts, and read multiple Christian-related articles, read portions Christian books, and when possible attend lectures by well known Christian speakers. Every week I teach classes, preach sermons, write articles, counsel people all with the intent of encouraging people to love God and live like Jesus. Every week I tell myself I am going to do better at practicing the things I encourage others to practice, and every week I wish I had done better. I can go through another week waiting to live more like Jesus or I can start today. What am I waiting for?

I have an opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life every day. It may be someone I know well, it may be someone I have recently met, it may be a church member, it may be a person who is waiting on me or providing a service that makes my life better. I can be creative and do something that is unexpected, say a kind encouraging word, or I can let the opportunities pass and look back on the day and wish I had done better. What am I waiting for?

Every day God gives us the opportunity to improve our life, lift the spirits of another, share the Good News, and just be Jesus. What am I waiting for?

I want to try not to wait to do and be what God is calling me to be. If you do the same, and encourage someone else to do the same imagine what a difference we can make.


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